Hi I am Jaya. Happy to see you here!

Though, like many people, I haven’t found my true vocation in life yet, I am currently trying to ‘develop’ myself as an atmospheric scientist. I did show several other skills while growing up, visual arts being my better talent at that time, peer pressure made me drift towards academia particularly high energy physics. Chance encounters with some drought-stricken village folk in India, where I am originally from, led me to wonder why the hell was I pursuing a degree in string theory! So I decided to switch fields and came to North America in 2009 to study atmospheric science.

I had a strong inclination towards environmental protection throughout my childhood, mostly induced by the natural and rustic surroundings I grew up in. That fortuitous meeting with the drought-stricken farmers, and their random allegations that deforestation has led to their plight!, steered me towards learning what role does vegetation play in our climate system. I have since devoted most of my time educating myself and researching about various modes of land-atmosphere interactions. I recently completed my Doctor of Philosophy degree in land-atmosphere interactions triggered by deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. In my Post Doctoral position I continue to research climate change signals in the Amazon and the resilience of biomes, world-wide, to climate change.

Since the day I chose academia over visual arts I have aspired to be a teacher. Somehow I have managed to follow my childhood ambitions and have made it through my journey as a student 🙂 Hopefully the future will have more good things for me…

Please feel free to browse around this website and contact me.

Lastly, this website is still under construction so please bear with me…